The Bidirectional Tool of Success

02.12.20 06:51 AM

Time, the variable not seen

Since we arrive in this world, we are already part of a sequence of activities dictated by our mother, we have hours to eat, hours to sleep, hours of being taken a bath, hours to take the sun, and many others needed to grow healthy. We continue growing and start going to school that tells us what time we would have classes, what date and time we would have evaluations, even advise us what time is a good time to go to the restroom. We spend our entire childhood and teenage being under plans and deadlines, and within the time, we should be capable of managing it to meet the requirements needed to go to college. Still, in college, we continue having a succession of activities to meet during a certain period of time to get graduated. We all know the above mentioned, but still, we forget what planning and scheduling mean.

For some physics, time started with the “Big Bang,” which always goes forward and never goes back. Because it’s known that time is not reversible, societies have developed ways to take advantage of the time and fulfill necessities. If we define those necessities as goals to reach, so we acknowledge that some steps need to be done and completed in a defined time frame to have the results we are looking for.

Breaking down the work into individual operations and organizing them in a logical sequence is what it’s called planning, or in other words, we can describe it as what is to be done and how. Then, the schedule is when the induvial operations are going to be developed.


The basics concepts of planning and scheduling are essentials to have a successful and productive business. But, in most cases, understanding and managing the dependencies of the induvial operations are critical to overcome obstacles and provide satisfactory results in the time needed.

It is crucial to comprehend that scheduling does not exist without planning, and planning is not useful without scheduling. Many companies nowadays have schedules without planning. This kind of scheduling becomes a vitiated tool that can be altered without meaning because it never had a purpose from the beginning.


Having a clear breakdown and sequence of individual operations and matching them with a realistic timeframe to do those activities, it is the key to have personnel efficiently, comfortably, and happily working to help you grow your business. It appears that human behavior is rule by the immediate environment living in, which is a good reason to make that workspace of your business kind enough to improve the productivity of your employees. Why don’t you start developing efficient planning and scheduling of your projects now? In Consultips Group, we can guide you, or even do it for you if needed. Let us help you understand the bidirectional tool planning-scheduling.