Every project should generate value

We firmly believe that each project must be aligned with the client's real needs, transforming ideas into proposals of value and projects into value-generating solutions. SMART objectives are the key to meet the client's requirements. Project Management, Engineering Best Practices, Value Engineering, and Lean Six Sigma are the organization's standards to deliver value for manufacturing companies and construction projects.

At Consultips Group, we are a customer-centric organization with strong continuous improvement culture and lean principles. The approach we use is fast, cost-effective, and profitable; it is also flexible to changes that continuously occur and allows us to perform in dynamics and highly competitive environments.

This is what we are

Consultips Group is an Engineering and Project Management Company based in Houston, TX, USA, with partner offices in South America and Europe. We believe that there is always an opportunity to improve. That is why we design, manage and build solutions to help our clients deliver the most effective and efficient Industrial and Commercial projects.

Lets generate value together!


CONSULTIPS GROUP Provides comprehensive advice and consulting to guide our clients through their projects' proper performance, delivering Engineering and Project Management to build and improve equipment, processes, facilities, and buildings for industrial and commercial customers.


By 2025, be a recognized company performing EPCM in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Our quality, professionalism, and improvements-driving services will define us with our strategic partners and collaborators' help.

Our Team

We are a project development company with employees around the world with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. CTGroup's teams have Engineering, Project Management, Operations, and Automation capabilities, which allows us to offer our clients custom solutions.

Daniel Ramirez

Daniel explores another essential side of engineering; he has full knowledge of mechanical design, rendering, and calculate mechanical parts and processes. 

During his works in Venezuela, Daniel worked as a  Design Engineer consultant and developed a Design & 3D Printing startup project being one of the first persons in that sector in this country. 

Daniel has a strong personality with the capability to organize and lead projects due to his experience and his entrepreneurial projects. In Houston, he worked as a Project Manager in the Steel Manufacturing sector and currently focuses on Mechanical Engineering Design projects.

Turning your dreams into reality

Javier Castillo

He is a Civil Engineer with studies in financial feasibility, corporate finances, valuate assets. He has experience in Construction Management Projects. 

Javier has worked for six years, being part of the team that manages financial projects for many companies and three years as a part of the management team of construction of two hotels in Venezuela. 

He is part of Consultips USA collaborating in Financials Services. Currently, in Venezuela, Javier has been leading Consultips Venezuela to work on financial feasibility for entrepreneur projects like cocoa or coffee plantations for export and build chocolate factories also has expertise analyzing EEFF, project cash flows, and EEFF, and more. As a complement, he is improving his skills in management and finance with studies in MSc. Finance.

Jenny Gutierrez

Jenny is a self-confident project engineer with a strong proficiency in oil and gas technologies. She is skilled in managing and planning projects focused on achieving business, technical, and financial objectives. 

Jenny has also worked in projects related to Process Simulations & Control, Water treatment, Design Engineering. Proficient in the use of Pro II, Aspen Hysys, Pipehase, Inplant, HTRI, Smart Plan P&ID, MS Office, and windows.

Projects that deliver value

Manuel Ramirez

His an Process Improvement Project Leader with strong knowledge, skills, and experience in project management, supply chain management, and lean manufacturing.

Manuel is a continuous learner and likes to discover new ways to improve his performance in any project. Worked as a crucial piece of the team that managed the construction of two boutique hotels in Venezuela for two years. 

He can learn and improve himself in benefaction of the project and his team. In Houston, he has been working on different kinds of projects, including coordinating, managing, and analyzing in the manufacturing, construction, and other engineering sectors being an active leader in his teams. 

Raul Rodriguez

Raul is a Civil and Structural Engineer with extensive technical and managerial experience performing basic and detailed engineering projects for the Steel Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries.

 Raul has experience in data review and interpretation for generating feasibility studies, bid proposal/offers, and project management activities for mid-to-large projects. He is a member of the Project Management Institute and an Executive MBA candidate at Texas A&M Mays Business School Class of 2021.

 With his technical and managerial background, Raul could offer effective communication between clients and vendors, reducing gaps between technical and non-technical individuals. His motivational and influential leadership elevates any business to higher levels of success.